Our Toys

BCTL Has Over 1500 Toys to Choose From!

Toys are categorized according to their developmental skills/level for example: Vehicles, Imaginative, Nursery, Musical, Construction and Water Play.

Large items include toys such as play kitchens, tool benches, play gyms, slides and a huge range of ride on trikes, scooters, bikes and activity packs.

Puzzles are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Most games are suitable for children aged 1 and above.

Arts and Crafts

Unleash your creativity with playdough tools, easels and painting and stamping kits (BYO paint!).


Toys for the littlest member of your family. Walkers, tummy-time aids, musical toys and more.


A wide variety of kits for kids to create all kinds of structures – the only limit is their imagination.

Dress Ups

Perfect for your little one who can’t get enough of pretend play. Book Weeks, Costume parties: we’ve got you covered!


A selection of learning aids designed to complement your child’s formal learning: abacuses, lace tying, magnifying glasses and more.


Work your way through our selection of over 150 games, from Snakes and Ladders to modern cooperative games.


Tea sets, tool benches, doctor’s kits and dolls, our Imagination section is overflowing with fun toys to spark your child’s creativity.


Toys that need to be moved or squeezed, shifted or balanced, manipulative toys are brilliant for improving fine motor skills.


We proudly stock over 400 jigsaw puzzles. Maybe you’ll be the first member to borrow them all?

Ride-On Toys

The jewel in the Toy Library crown. This is the big stuff! Slides, Cosy Coupes, Pikler Frames, Rollercoasters and balance bikes. And so much more!


Science, technology, engineering and maths. Coding games, invention kits and lots to get the brain ticking!

Sports & Outdoors

Featuring classic outdoor games and some popular modern items. Stepping stones, croquet, hula hoops and more.


An excellent collection of trains and train tracks to build railways to your heart’s content.


Trams, trucks, diggers and more!

Water Play

Water play tables and trays, perfect for a warm day.