About Us

Bendigo Community Toy Library is a non-profit organisation run by its members.

We have a huge variety of toys (over 1500) aimed at helping your children learn the art of play.

We operate similarly to a traditional library. Members visit and borrow toys, take them home, and return them when they are due. The key differences from a traditional library? (Aside from offering toys instead of books!) Our members pay an annual membership fee and are requested to volunteer a few times a year.

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BCTL is designed for children from birth to school age. We know the cost of toys can be overwhelming to parents and carers, and children can become bored with the toys after only a couple of weeks. They outgrow toys quickly, and toys take up a lot of space. This is where we come in. We have large toys, puzzles, construction, imaginative play, water play and so much more.

We also have Party Packs that can be borrowed for a special occasion or just a fun day with the kids. These packs are very popular and need to be booked in advance. Borrowing these special packs incurs a small separate fee.