BCTL Has Over 1000 Toys to Choose From

Toys are categorized according to their developmental skills/level for example: Vehicles, Imaginative, Nursery, Musical, Construction and Water Play.

Large items include toys such as play kitchens, tool benches, play gyms, slides and a huge range of ride on trikes, scooters and bikes.

Puzzles are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Most games are suitable for children aged 1 and above.

Activity Packs

In 2009 we were awarded a $3000 grant to upgrade our Activity Packs. We now have 5 fun and exciting packs that can be borrowed for up to one week at a time, since then we have continued to improve and add to them. Activity Packs can be booked in advance and have a $10 fee. You do not have to take all the items in one activity pack but the fee remains the same. Normal borrowing conditions apply including fines for late, lost or damaged items. All equipment must be returned clean and packed up appropriately. We have done our best to make sure all packs include items appropriate to a variety of ages.

Moove and Groove Activity Pack

Drum, Hula Hoops, Belly Belts, Dancing Ribbons, Rain Makers, Bells, Move and Groove Band, Sparkle Wands, Rhythm Sticks, Dancing Costumes, Musical Mat and Song Sheet.

Gym Activtiy Pack

Wooden Balance Beams, Tumbling Mats, Foam Wedge, Rolling Cylinders, Blue Tunnel, Coloured Stepping Stones, See Saw, Juggling Balls and Parachute.

Playground Activity Pack

Large Slide, Soccer Goal, Octopus Roundabout and Ball pit.

Carnival Activity Pack

Mega 4-in-Line, Soccer Goal, Team Walkers, Jumping Sacks, Egg and Spoon Race and Bocce Set.

Gross Motor Activity Pack

Large and Medium Hoppers, See Saw and Wee Play Gross Motor Set.

Princess Fairy/Ballet Activity Pack

Pop Up Pink Castle, 8 tutus, 8 crowns and 8 Wands.

Under The Sea Dress Up Activity Pack

Mermaid Costume, Merman Costume, Dolphin Costume, Penguin Costume, Fish Costume, Octopus Costume, Lobster Costume, Seahorse Costume, Shark Costume, Adult Pirate Costume, Child Pirate Costume, Flash Cards, Decorations and a Pirate Ship Tent