Victorian Mandatory Vaccinations

As we are sure you are all aware, the Victorian Government has announced that all ‘authorised workers’ across Melbourne and regional Victoria must have their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by Friday 22 October (today) to continue working onsite. They will then need to be fully vaccinated by 26 November 2021.

The term ‘authorised worker’ refers to anyone required to work onsite which includes employees, contractors and volunteers. Our toy library falls within this category.

Impact on Bendigo Community Toy Library

This means all of our volunteers (including you) are considered ‘authorised workers’ when completing duties at our Toy Library. You are required to comply with this new government direction, unless you have an approved exemption.

If not, you will not be able to attend Bendigo Community Toy Library onsite as a duty volunteer (but you will still be able to come and borrow as normal).

We will need to sight your vaccination certificate or evidence of first dose (you may have been given a card when you received your vaccine) when you come in for your next volunteer shift. This will be documented on your membership file that we have seen your certificate and we will only use this information to fill future rosters.

How does this affect my volunteer duty requirements?

In these early days we have not yet cemented a plan regarding the implication of vaccination and duty volunteer requirements for the future.

If you are unable to be vaccinated for whatever reason, we completely respect your decision. Please understand this is not a decision the committee has made, rather something we must enforce in order to continue to operate. You are still able to come and borrow and return toys as normal, just not serve on the roster for the time being.

If you are not vaccinated, or unable to be, please contact our Roster coordinator Robyn on 0490 198 608 or so that she can remove you from the roster and look at other ways that you can help with some at home duty requirements, such as cataloguing, stocktaking, or cleaning.

There are many behind the scenes jobs that we need help with as well. In these difficult times if you can help us, please do so!

More information and support


To ensure all authorised workers can receive their vaccine in time, the Victorian Government has expanded their vaccine program, and Vaccination appointments are available out of work hours and weekends.

To book a vaccination through state-run centres, or to see links for how to book at your local GP or pharmacy – visit

If you believe that you are eligible for a medical exemption, a letter from a medical practitioner who has followed these medical guidelines will be required.


You can get an immunisation history statement or COVID-19 digital certificate online, or link it to the Services Victoria App, using the MyGov function. See the following link on How to get your Vaccination Proof


If you have queries or concerns about this new government requirement, please contact us to discuss. Please be aware that we are bound by law to enforce this vaccine mandate, and do not have the option to make a choice in the matter.

You can also learn more by reading the Premier’s statement, or by visiting the relevant information regarding workers who are required to be vaccinated.

Volunteering Victoria’s Statement on the mandate can be found here.


Should you need more support or further information at this time, please consider the following options:
• Talk to the Toy Library President, Esther Kerr on 0439 434 492.
• Have a confidential conversation with our National Peak Body Toy Library Manager through
• Alternatively, visit the DHHS website for daily updates or call their COVID-19 hotline on 1800 961 054. Should you need a translator, call 131 450 for 24 hours / 7 days support.