Save The Date

Are you former toy library committee? We may be looking for you!

If you haven’t received your save the date email, please get in contact with us. We have a long list of people we are trying to contact, whose names are below.

Beth Kirkwood
Liz Mitchell
Helen Savage
Janet Muller
Kathy Hilber
Sanady Turnbull
Sue Lynch
Lyn Carter
Sue Young
Denise Dillon
Sue Scott
Kate Murnane
Sue Whight
Sue Jenkins
Kathy Gretgrix
Karen Brouwers
Marg Devanney
Gabrielle Musgrove
Veronica Youl
Jo Hale
Maxine Simpkins
Miriam Woods
Sally Monechino
Debbie Costello
Lynda Whateley
Mandy Butson
Michelle Tobin
Sheleenna Russell
Mairia Carson
Cate U’ren
Kelly Macgregor
Nicole Ellerton-Ennor
Megan Simpson
Peta Hoiles
Tania Breed
Veronica Collins
Diana Rajics
Cathy Bryne
Pam Kendrick
Amanda Turnbull

If you haven’t received your save the date, and you think you should be on this list, please contact us: