Borrowing Information

Borrowing is during opening hours. Each child is entitled to borrow 3 toys with a small family membership or 6 toys with a large family membership for a maximum of 3 weeks. This can be flexible and is at the discretion of the committee member on duty.

A fine of $2.00 will be imposed for each session that toys are overdue ($6/week). When toys have been overdue by 2 weeks, a committee member will phone member and ask for the toys to be returned. If the toys are still not returned within another 2 weeks, a committee member may collect overdue toys from the member’s home.

Members who cannot return toys by the due date should email or telephone the Toy Library at anytime and either: speak to someone if the phone is answered or leave your details and request on the message bank. The borrowing period for these particular toys will be extended once only by a period of 3 weeks.

Once a toy is borrowed it is your responsibility. Thoroughly check the toy before leaving the library, and count all the pieces. If pieces are missing and are not noted at the time of borrowing, you may be liable.

Toy Liability

Lost Pieces: a fine of $2.00 is charged for each lost piece (or sum negotiated by committee member if replacement exceeds this). The fine is refunded to member if and when the piece is found and returned.

Lost Toys: Members are required to pay the replacement value for whole toys that are lost. One months grace will be given to locate the toy.

Damaged Toys: We realise toys will be broken through reasonable/expected wear and tear. Should a toy be broken while in your care, please report it.

Care of Toys

We expect members to treat Toy Library Toys with all reasonable care. Please return the toys in their containers or bags. We strongly suggest Toy Library toys are kept separate from your own toys and packed away after each use to avoid loss or damage.

No toys should be left outside, this includes slides, climbing frames and cars.

All toys and containers must be returned in a clean condition and a Committee person reserves the right to insist the toys to be cleaned by the member on the spot or taken away to be cleaned and returned on the next opening session.