Long Gully Is Now Open

Welcome Long Gully

Our Long Gully Campus is now open and available for all members to loan from. For every member that means access to 5 open sessions over the week, 2 locations and over 1500 toys! Members can borrow from both campuses and do duty at either campus. Each toy has its own home though, so they must be returned to the campus you borrowed it from.

How Many Toys?

Long Gully has over 500 toys on offer, and as it’s been closed for 6 months, almost all every item is available to loan! Many of the toys available are different to our Spring Gully Campus, so if you have become bored of what we have on offer, try a new campus.

How To Find Long Gully Campus

We are located just up the road from Spotlight, in the old St Matthews Church Building on the Corner of Eaglehawk Road and Creeth Street. The maps below show you where we are and…

Please Enter From The Rear Of The Building

Please enter from the rear of the building, as the front door is locked, the rear door will provide you with direct entry to the toy library.

Spring Gully Long Gully

We will continue to share details over time, but feel free to ask any questions next time you’re in the library, or email toys@bendigotoylibrary.org.au

Happy Playing,
Brooke Bennett, BCTL President