Lonely Hearts Club

Have you heard about our Lonely Hearts Toys? They’ve been sitting on our shelves getting a little dusty and feeling quite neglected. So we are thrusting them into the spotlight by including them in the Lonely Hearts Club!

C47 – Modular Creative Construction, Lonely Hearts Toy

Lonely Hearts Toys are a bonus borrow, which means they don’t count towards your loan limit. You’ll notice these toys come with a short feedback form which we ask you to fill out before returning the toy.

I1 – Nesting Farm Animals, Lonely Hearts Toy

Perhaps these toys are a little too ho-hum to be borrowed on their own, and they need to be combined with another toy in a pack. Or maybe they just need some sprucing up to stand out on the shelf. For some toys, their time may be up and it might be time to retire them from the Toy Library.  Whatever you think, we want to hear it!

I3 – Duplo Blocks in Bucket, Lonely Hearts Toy

You can find Lonely Hearts Toys on display at Spring Gully, or by looking for toys with a gold heart sticker at Long Gully.