Messy Play And The Benefits For Your Child

Rainbow Handprints clip art

There are many benefits of messy play, especially for babies toddlers and young children. Messy play is a tactile experience that stimulates children’s senses and assists in the development of hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Children learn about the effects of gravity, the behavior of liquid and solid objects by playing with different materials and begin to develop a sense of prediction ie action versus reaction. It doesn’t necessarily require language, so children of different ages, nationalities, development and those with special needs can play alongside each other and interact on the same level. Children are active learners and messy play makes it fun! Continue reading

New Website Launched

Bendigo Community Toy Library has released its new website today, full of new features, imagery and user friendly content. We are currently still in the process of upgrading the site with some new information, so please bookmark, share and revisit us for more updates. You can also follow us on facebook for further information. If you have any questions or comments regarding our new website, please contact us.