Staff and Committee Members

Coordinates organisation, understands others roles in toy library. Ensures the committee decision-making reflects the organizations objectives. Motivates and inspires members and committee. Facilitates regular meetings once a month. Compiles

Vice President
Assists President with coordinating the organisation.

Takes minutes at meetings, and sends a copy to each committee member and one to display in library. Works with president on compiling agenda item. Collects mail and informs committee on all correspondence. Responsible for filing minutes and correspondence.

Banks money. Pays bills. Maintains cashbook. Produces financial statements monthly. Prepares a budget estimate six monthly. Prepares books for auditing. Notifies office of fair-trading of AGM and submits audited books.

Coordinates roster for the year. Keeps an updated list of current members and records information on disk. Issues reminders for membership renewals and follows up lapsed membership funds.

Organises toy buying, cataloguing and packaging. Takes photos of new toys. Identifies members’ needs for toy purchasing in accordance with the toy library policy and refers recommendations to the toy buying committee.

Stock take Coordinator
Plans and facilitates annual stocktake with a subcommittee. (NB: the committee is currently trying a rolling stocktake so that this is not such a big job at the end of the year)

Toy Maintenance
Makes sure toys are safe, complete and in good working order. Organizes spare parts and repairs. Liaises with cataloguer.

Fundraising and Grants
Plans the year fundraising events. Recruits other members to formulate sub-committee for different events. Coordinates applications to relevant grants.

IT & Database Manager
Oversees the smooth running of the database, website & IT of the toy library.

Produces 6 newsletters a year. Coordinates with roster and circulates to members.

Social Media
Manages the Toy Library Facebook and Instagram accounts and liaises closely with Promotion & Marketing to promote the toy library on social media.

Promotion and Marekting
Circulates posters leaflets, and brochures regularly throughout the community. Organizes advertising in and media releases to local paper. Works closely with Social Media manager to ensure the BCTL has maximum social media presence.

General Committee
Runs duty session and has keys to access the toy library. Participates in committee decision making. Has keys to access the toy library.